Cramer's Bakery since 1946

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About Us 

Cramer's Bakery was established by John E. Cramer Jr. in 1946. It was after his return from WWII that he opened shop. John learned his trade working in bakeries as a young man in Trenton, New Jersey. He also had formal training at the American Institute of Baking in Chicago Illinios.

As children, his sons John and Tom worked in the bakery. They learned the trade from their father as well as many skilled bakers that were employed by the business.

After college, both John III and Tom choose to continue the tradition, and both are actively a part of everyday operations.

Today, Cramer's Bakery celebrates its 67th year of operation. It is a business that requires constant vigil. John and Tom have developed a great team of people to aid in perpetuating the tradition. They do not forget the many who previously contributed many hours of hard work and comradely.

Mission Statement: It is our mission to continue a tradition that has been bestowed upon us by our father John Cramer Jr. It is our quest to bake the best quality baked goods possible. Our customers, staff and community will be treated as family. Our business will always possess a culture of family values.

John and Tom Cramer